Kevco Electrical, Inc.'s


Kevco Electric, Inc. started on August 19, 1994. Kevco Electric, Inc. was incorporated on September 1, 1994. On June 21, 1999 we change the name of our company to Kevco Electrical Construction, Inc. at this time we incorporated under our new name. Kevco Electric, Inc. is still the parent company of Kevco Electrical Construction, Inc. and we still operate to this day under this name.

Kevco Electrical Construction, Inc. operates with integrity, attention to detail and hard work. Our motto is “We come to work”. This family owned and operated company has always held the value of our customers above all else. Our goals are to complete all projects on time and without any customer complaints. We provide responsive service and address all needs of our customers and contractors immediately.

over 200 years total experience

Our team

Kevco Electrical Construction, Inc. has a great staff of dedicated employees. Our office staff and project management team has over 200 years total experience in all phases of the electrical industry. Our team stays up to date on the ever changing requirements and codes that our industry has to comply with on all of our projects.

As things become faster paced all the time, service becomes more critical. With Kevco Electrical Construction’s experience, we can provide the customer service that is expected by our new and current clients. It is important to us as we strive to provide quality services.

we are a highly skilled and reliable electrical contracting company

Services we provide

Electrical Services, Repairs and Installations

Rapid 24/7 Emergency Service

Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Repairs

Parking Lot Lighting and Sign Repair

LED Lighting Installations and Retrofits

Infrared Thermal Scanning and Reports

Circuit Mapping for Accurate Panel Schedules

Switchgear/Panel Installation

Correcting Code Violations

Facilities Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Arc Flash Analysis and Labelling