Efficiency, Renewable, & Alternative

Power Solutions

The Energy Division is our response for reaching customers who are interested in the products and services that promote economic efficiency, environmental reduction & prevention. We are addressing the changing demands within today’s electric technology culture, and using them to promote the best renewable and alternative solutions within the electrical industry. Kevco has been serving the DFW for 28 years, and will be here to support the electrical needs of our community for many years to come.


Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are becoming increasingly essential for transportation each year. Many times the existing electrical infrastructure of a business is limited in the amount of spare power it can provide for electric vehicle charging stations. Our Smart Power load management system, charging stations allow us to double or even triple the amount of chargers traditionally installed, without overloading the existing electrical system. So even as your company’s charging demands increase our systems will allow you to meet those demands with less available electrical infrastructure.

We are a Licensed & Certified electric vehicle charging systems dealer. Kevco Electrical is a DFW forerunner for supporting the EV market demands for charging stations provision for engineered Load Management Smart Charging technology. The immediate advantage of going to electric vehicles & installing infrastructure such as charging systems are to support emission reduction, and to taking advantage of federal tax credits for those who qualify.

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Alternative Power:


Commercial and Home Generator back-up power systems are a traditional alternative solutions. The threat of losing power during rolling outages or storms have made back-up power essential. Recent events have proven how complicated home & businesses environments can become when they are unprepared for utility failures.
Kevco has developed optimal solutions and a quality technical team of managers, designers, sales and field technicians to support the engineering, design, installation, maintenance and repairs required to eliminate the concerns of power delivery. Whether you decide to invest in renewable Off Grid Solar-Battery backups or fossil fuel backup power Kevco is prepared to support the planning, execution, completion stages providing the highest quality power systems to our customers.

Renewable Power:


Sustainable energy such as on-grid and off-grid solar systems are important in the role of reducing gas emissions, protecting future generations, the environment, and have become an investment for home owners and businesses.
Renewable power such as solar is subsidized by government, state and utility credits, for homes & businesses to support reducing technology cost & allowing investors to speed up their return on investment. Investing in solar through 2022 allows investors to take advantage of solar credits if they meet the requirements & areas included in the credit policies.