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Kevco Electrical can evaluate your current lighting system and prepare energy solutions for each fixture type. We can provide financial analysis for savings and ROI for the project. Provide photometric data for existing and improved technology. We can provide a complete turnkey installation, even provide final inspections and a financial option with a lease to own package.

We are partnered with multiple top-rated LED manufacturers offering the most competitive pricing on the market. We have the lowest service rates around and never charge for estimates. There are no additional or hidden cost without the Customers’ approval. Kevco will provide continued support. More information provided upon request.

Lighting alone accounts for 40-50% of your electrical bill

Advantages of LED Lighting

Where do we suggest you add led lighting?

Ideal Applications

Exterior lighting

Wall Packs

Parking Lot Poles

Canopy lighting

Sign Lighting

interior lighting

2×4, 2×2 Lay-In Toffers

Can Lights

High Bays

Track Lighting

Kevco Electrical’s LED

Lighting Process


We offer a free, no obligation audit of your property, where we carefully count the lights, get fixture types and wattages, what voltage they are running at and the daily hours of operation. We calculate how much you are spending on your current lighting system and propose your potential savings on energy and maintenance by upgrading to LED technology. With a copy of your electric bill we can get an even more accurate estimation of your energy use and savings.


We combine this information with our competitive labor costs, cost of materials, disposal fees and rebate incentives from local utility programs to come up with a final proposal. Attached to this proposal is a cut sheet with the specs of the proposed replacement fixtures to ensure compatibility.


If you want to save money and hire us, we will provide a complete Turnkey Installation of your upgraded lighting system, customer support throughout the project to ensure all aspects of the project are carried out correctly and follow up meetings to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty in addition to the original manufacturing warranty.



Lighting alone accounts for 40-50% of your total electrical needs. KEVCO has the ability to reduce that amount by 70-90%. Our experienced team can provide an in-depth lighting audit of your property and offer design and installation of energy efficient lighting that best suits your needs. Upgrading to LED technology not only improves the lighting quality of your building but also decreases your operational expenses. Allowing money to be spent on other critical areas of your business. We have teamed up with leaders in the lighting industry to provide you with the best in LED technology and energy saving solutions.

Parking Lot Maintenance Service


We can provide you with a monthly rate to maintain all building interior, site and parking lot lighting for optimum performance. The rate will be based on your specific site’s needs.


This is to include (8) eight hours of inspections and preventative maintenance per month, equal to one (1) Service Technician for one (1) eight (8) hour day per month. Price also includes any ballasts and lamps that need to be replaced at the time of inspection. Not to exceed eight (8) pole heads.

For any expenses incurred by Kevco Electrical Construction, Inc. such as: materials, lifts or any Subcontract work a 10% fee shall be added to all costs and invoiced in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.